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Why we create Beauty Shape Baby

Beauty Shape Baby is an infant and child specialty brand in Malaysia with a mission to create and discover health products to improve the health among newborns aged 0-2 years and children of 2-12 years old. As we step into the year 2022, Beauty Shape Baby has successfully helped improve the sleep of 3000 infants. On top of that, we have addressed their head shape complications. We strive to offer more quality products to help the healthy development among infants and children alike. 



At Beauty Shape Baby, we commit ourselves fully to protect the growth and development of infants and children. We believe that every infant and child has the rights to quality growth and kick start living a beautiful life ahead. We are also committed to share and lessen parents’ burdens and help them dodge unforgiving routes.  


We envision to be the largest and most credible health product provider for infants and children so that every infant and child may grow healthily. We also hope that every parent shall not have to worry about their children’s development. It is our vision for every family to be the proud owner of a Beauty Shape Baby product and can confidently declare “Beauty Shape Baby works!”. This is our vision and we will definitely work hard for it. 

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